Ugrás a tartalomhoz Lépj a menübe

A cinema in Buenos Aires, 26 july 1952

Requiem for Evita

Oh what a circus

On this night of a thousand starts

Eva and Magaldi/ Eva beware of the city

Buenos aires

Another suitcase in another hall

Good night and thank you

The lady's got potenital

Charity concert/the art of the possible

I'd be surprisingly good for you

Hello and good by

Peron's  Latest Flame

A new Argentína

On the balcony of the Casa Rosada

Don't cry for me Argentína

High flying, adored

Rainbow high

Rainbow tour

The actress hasn't learned the liness (You'd like to hear)

And the money kept rolling in (and out)

Partido feminista

She is a diamond

Santa Evita

Waltz for Eva and Che

Your little body's slowly braking down

You must love me

Eva's final broadcast

Latin chant